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Tasks management made easy!

Easy Tasks is a super easy to use FREE task and note management app, which works on multiple devices. Use it on phone, tablet or on your web browser. CloudSync also syncs all your data between each device!

Key features

Key features are available also without CloudSync.


Categorize your tasks depending on task's priority, get all todays tasks with singe click and use colors to organize your tasks.


You can also use Easy Tasks as a simple note taking app. No unnecessary features, just notes - Simple as that!


Simple settings panel lets you add extra features on your app, like automatically expiring tasks and default landing page.

Sync data between each device!


CloudSync will automatically sync your data between each of your device. Use same tasks and notes on your Android and iPhone devices, Windows, Mac and Linux devices, or with Web App.

CloudSync saves your data securely to the cloud storage, instead of your local device storage. This way your data is always stored in a secure place, so you don't need to ever worry about losing any of your data.

CloudSync features

CloudSync gives you extra features with low cost.

Save your data to the cloud and sync all your data between each of your devices automatically.

Multi Platform

CloudSync can be used with any Android and iPhone device, including phones and tablets. Web App can be used with any personal computer.


We backup your data on regular basis. All your data will be saved securely on cloud database, and we will maintain continuos backups for 35 days of your data.

Web app

Use Web app on any desktop or laptop computer. No matter if you are Windows, Mac or Linux user - All share the same user experience!

Premium Support

CloudSync users also gets acces to our premium support system. Premium support response times are much more shorter, than on basic support.

Purchase your CloudSync subscription now for $1.99 / month*

* 12 month subscription plan 1.99USD / month (23.88USD 12 months, billed annually)

Free download!

Start for free and later upgrade to CloudSync!

Our free version includes all the necessary features to start your super simple task management experience. With CloudSync you will get to enjoy our cloud based extra features as well.

Got Questions?


Is your app really free?

Yes, the app is completely free to use without any restrictions.

How do you make money?

We offer extra services for our apps, such as CloudSync.

What is CloudSync?

CloudSync is an external feature, which will sync your data, like tasks and notes in to cloud database.

Where do I get CloudSync?

You can register for CloudSync here.

How much CloudSync costs?

We have 12 month (23.88 USD), six month (14.94 USD) and one month (2.99 USD) subscription plans available.

Can I easily cancel my plan?

Yes, you can cancel your plan on the app "Settings" section with single click.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, if you are not happy with CloudSync, you can get a refund by simply contacting our support: hello [at] easy-tasks.com